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If you are living with a disability, or you are taking care of a family member or child with a disability, and are having trouble with your disability benefits claim in California, we will fight for your rights to get the benefits you deserve.

American Disability Association assists individuals and their families whose disability benefits have been denied or discontinued in the State of California. We provide legal assistance in getting and keeping disability benefits such as In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).

This includes advisory at all stages of appeals or court proceedings for clients seeking benefits based on your disability or your family member’s disability. Our office serves a wide range of clients with disabilities in California to identify and address the complexities of the administration of disability benefits. We also conduct extensive outreach, education, and intake to serve populations of low-income individuals living with a disability and their families.

How ADA Helps

ADA is your ally in giving you the resources you need to accurately fill out paperwork, gather documentation, and advise you on the process. Even if you have been denied home care support or disability services, we can help you plan a successful due process hearing strategy. This will make a dramatic difference in your likelihood of success.

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Too many people living with a disability are initially denied the disability benefits they deserve because of the complex process. Whether you are worried about the paperwork, have been waiting too long for your benefits, or have received an application denial, you need an experienced lawyer who is committed to getting you the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

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