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Becoming Your Child with Special Needs’ Advocate at School

You as a parent are your child with special needs best advocate. Let’s face it: you know your child like no one else does, and so when it comes to getting the best for him, you are the one who will always get it done. But getting started with the special

Your Special Needs Family: Prepare a Financial Plan

Raising a child with a disability is expensive. Professionals in the financial industry say that raising a child to adulthood costs close to $250,000 today. If you are a parent of children with special needs, you can expect to encounter costs as much as ten

Your Child with Special Needs at School: Know Your Rights

One of the most difficult situations for you as a parent with a child who has a disability is ensuring that he or she gets the education to which they are entitled. This means that children with special needs have rights that allow them to receive distinct

The Best Way to Manage Your Stress as a Parent of a Child with Autism

As a parent, your children stole your heart the very moment they were born. That’s the thing about parenthood. We’re naturally programmed to care of our kids no matter what, and an autism diagnosis doesn’t change that. However, the initial sting of an

How to Help Your Child with Special Needs Start School

It’s coming up! Getting ready for the first day of school is filled with excitement, and also a bit of anxiety. Kids pick out first-day-of-school outfits. Parents buy classroom supplies, backpacks and lunchboxes. Most families enjoy the preparation. But if

What to Do When Siblings of Children with Special Needs Act Out

A majority of families with children with disabilities will say that the bulk of their concentration and time is dedicated on their child with special needs. If your family is facing this, you are not alone. As a parent, you often feel torn into pieces all

Summer Camps in Southern California for Kids with Special Needs

Summer camp! It conjures up memories of making new friends and enjoying new experiences. Children with special needs can also have fun during the summer and participate in all the great elements that camp has to offer at places equipped with adaptive

Single Mom Raising a Child with Autism: How to Get Financial Help

Raising a child with Autism who requires constant supervision is difficult even in the best of times. And if you are a single mother who is struggling financially, it can seem even more daunting. You have to work and pay the bills, but your child needs
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