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How to Get More IHSS Hours

If you are a parent of a child with special needs and you live in California, In-Home Supportive Services program (IHSS) provides financial support to enable you to stay at home with your child with special needs. Children with autism, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy can often take a heavy financial toll on a family. It is common for you to have to stop working in order to take care of your child. Disability benefits such as In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) allows you to be employed as your child’s in-home caretaker. And if you already have this program, read on to find out how to get more IHSS hours.

For those who are receiving benefits for IHSS, sometimes you are only granted a low amount of hours. But there is a way to appeal your decision and get more. Here are the steps:

File an appeal for more IHSS hours

If you’ve applied for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) and have been given a low amount of hours for Protective Supervision, there is hope. You can appeal the decision.
Here’s how you can appeal for more hours:

Request an appeal

Fill out the back of the Notice of Action form or send a letter to:
IHSS Fair Hearing
State Hearings Division
Department of Social Services
744 P Street, Mail Stop 9-17-37
Sacramento, CA 95814
Be sure to say that you want a fair hearing because you believe your client has not been given enough hours, and give your client’s name and state identification number. You can also call 1-800-743-8525 to request a hearing.

Get everything in writing

You’ll need written documentation from your child's doctor stating your child's needs and the type of care required. If your child needs protective supervision or paramedical services, make sure that is in the documentation.

Prepare for your hearing date

If your appeal requires a hearing, prepare the points you plan to make ahead of time, and make sure all of your documents are in order. Ask for a copy of the original assessment and the county’s position statement.

Attend the hearing

At the hearing, the county will go first to say why hours were cut or why you shouldn’t receive more hours. They will give lots of evidence. The most important thing for you to do is stick to your explanations of why your child needs more hours. Be prepared to show all the documents you prepared.

Get a decision

Any change in hours from the appeals process will be effective as soon as the county gets the decision from the appeal.
If this process sounds overwhelming and you feel you need help, you can always reach out to us. Our advocates can lead you through everything, as well as attend the hearing with you.
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