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Family law in California is complicated, and it has serious personal and financial implications, especially for families with a member or child with a disability. We understand how critical your family law needs are and we are dedicated to handling our clients’ family law matters with compassion, cost-effectiveness, and sensitivity.

American Disability Association has family law attorneys who are also adept at providing comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of clients living with a disability and their families. Our family lawyers offer personal attention and legal strength during the negotiation, mediation, and litigation of all family disputes. We are committed to providing responsible representation to pursue the most favorable judgment or settlement possible.

We offer a range of family law services on issues such as divorce, parenting plans and child support, modifications of agreements, paternity, time-sharing/visitation, domestic violence issues, prenuptial, and post-marital agreements. We are advocates for our clients and have experience in alternative dispute resolution processes, like mediation, which can save the client a tremendous amount of money, time, and emotional trauma.We always aim to advise and provide our clients with the most efficient, cost-effective, and innovative ways to settle family law disputes.

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With the best interests and well-being of your family being our priority, the assistance and experience of our family law attorneys in the State of California can be invaluable in your search for resolutions and closure to all aspects of family law matters.

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